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Story about JR Engineering and Medical Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd.

We are leading glove company internationally

We started our manufacturing plant in Kedah and Selangor back in 2001 and JR Engineering and Medical Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd., still growing in our industry. With a spanning 17 years has accumulated a huge network of stakeholders and experts in our making. Through an unwavering commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and timely service, the company constantly strives to remain a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Since its inception, JR Engineering and Medical Technologies have grown from a rubber gloves processing agent to a full-scale glove manufacturer. The company manufactures Medical and Industrial grade disposable latex, nitrile, and polychloroprene gloves. Within the Medical sector, they manufacture Exam Gloves, Dental Gloves, High-Risk (EMS) Gloves and Surgical Gloves. Within the Industrial segments, they produce latex and latex-free gloves to end-markets that include household, safety, chemical protection and laboratory services. The variety of products enables the company to satisfy different customer segments while generating value-added service.

JR Engineering and Medical Technologies, have a high performance and redesigned logistics system which combines storage and order management capacities in new generation logistics centres. This enables the company to serve its customers within the time frame of their choice at competitive rates, thus maximizing its customer service performance ratio. The Directors at JR Engineering and Medical Technologies are personally committed to their venture. They have over 20 years, of experience in manufacturing and management. On 10thJanuary 2003, the paid-up share capital of the company was RM100,000. Again, on 14th April 2003, the company increased to RM500,000. During that year, the company entered into an acquisition of assets agreement. Meanwhile the current capital is RM2,000,000.

Our Key Person

Ganesan Subramaniam

Managing Director

Mr. Ganesan Subramaniam is the Chairman and Managing Director of JR Engineering and Medical Technologies. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field of Manufacturing and Marketing. He is primarily responsible for mapping the growth of the company from a small distributor and processing agent to its present position as a manufacturing concern, which can obtain sales value worth of RM27,000,000 per annum and more on manufacturing trading and distribution. Mr.Ganesan Subramaniam also is the founder member of the Company, JR Engineering and Medical Technologies, a bulk purchaser of rubber gloves for processing items. Many reputable local and international producers were among his clients who have gathered his business experience and wide business contacts. He founded JR Engineering and Medical Technologies in 2001. His dedication and perseverance towards the business and his sincerity to his people who work with him is the key to his success. Consultants for local and foreign glove Manufacturing Company and setting up Glove dipping plant locally and overseas. He with his wide experience in glove manufacturing, consultancy and started setting up gloves Dipping Plant locally and internationally.

Primary Objective - Application for Bank Facilities

Our company thus far achieved high standards, which are comparable the international level. By obtaining the necessary funds, JR Engineering and Medical Technologies would be enabled to acquire the right kind of plant and machinery to manufacture and packaging for the local and exports and to the world at large. Our company also is ready to take the challenge both internally and outside Malaysia.

Other Primary reasons are:

  • To achieve the manufacturing target and create skilled employment in the specific field of rubber-based products. Also involved in processing and packaging on rubber-based products.
  • To enable the Company to promote content and encourage export of local market.

  • Commitments - Management and Company

    The Company has directors, who are personally involved in the manufacturing and processing stage. The directors of the Company have a history spanning over 29 years, they have a lot of experience in manufacturing and to assign capable staff to carry forward the task in hand. Initially, the company needs a sum of RM2,500,00 to kick start the venture into manufacturing and processing rubber-based products.

    Other Primary reasons are:

    1. Targeted Areas
      1. Hospitals & Hygiene centers
      2. Households
      3. Buildings and factory production centers
      4. Farmer areas
    2. Pharmaceuticals and Semiconductor
      1. The initial introduction of the rubber-based products will be primarily focused for domestics and specific export markets. Thereafter the company will enhance the products for Regional and Global markets in the near future.